Monday, March 12, 2018

Exhibit: Mike Mignola at Society of Illustrators

I recently attended the opening of The Art of Mike Mignola: Hellboy and Other Curious Objects at the Society of Illustrators. Here are my thoughts from that evening, along with some favorite images.

The rich complexities of Mike Mignola's art disguised as simplicity in B&W have been a calling card throughout his career. Utilizing few tools beyond pen and ink, he transforms pages into cinematic masterpieces that combine the best of horror, film noir and classic comics - never leaving a negative space or light source to vanquish without careful thought or consideration.

It’s what makes Mignola and Hellboy one of my favorites, and I had a bonafide nerdgasm being so close to so many iconic originals of his. Few pieces of art can make my heart race the way these did. I suggest y’all check them out while you can.

A more complete gallery can be found here. The Art of Mike Mignola: Hellboy and Other Curious Objects will remain open at the Society of Illustrators until April 28, with the man himself coming back to SOI on April 13 for a special talk with Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons at Columbia University.

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