Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Lame List

No, this isn't my attempt at a Best of 2012 music list (though I'm sure I'll take crap for some of my selections when the time comes). It is, however, my lament at not being able to get in to see Soundgarden's show at Irving Plaza last night.

While I do like their sound a lot, I was never a superfan of theirs. I am, though, a big fan of their guitarist, Kim Thayil. He's always struck me as one of those cool, low-key guitar demi-gods who was just into doing this own thing while Chris Cornell was busy trying to become an "artist" and break away from being labeled a metal frontman.

How chill is Kim? Below is a perfect example, via a vintage clip of him participating in Almost Live's "The Lame List" skit.

Better clips I couldn't embed are HERE, HERE and HERE. And if you need a plus one for either of Soundgarden's January shows, I'm your lady.

Bonus, here's Gruntruck's turn at The Lame List.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Things I Learned During Hurricane Sandy

Back at my Tribeca office after Superstorm Sandy, I still can't believe an entire week of our planned lives was taken away. Mercifully, all the folks I know survived - though some lost houses and valuables - yet there's always someone who has it worse.

I've always been prepared. Having signed my Manhattan apartment lease on September 10, 2001 - you know, the day before September 11th - and after experiencing the 2003 blackout, plus a ton of other wacked-out scenarios, I've always had a "go bag" at the ready.

Perhaps I have more apocalyptic visions than most (or am just a sucker for's Survivalist section), because my go bag includes a surplus Israeli gas mask, iodine pills and a water purifier, in addition to the standard stuff like a hand-crank radio and matches. And I'm seriously wondering how I can keep a blowup raft in my studio apartment, because after the second year in a row of having the subways shut down on us, I want a guaranteed way to leave this island.

Being prepared and fending for myself have been the only things I've known for a long time. Fiercely independent, I was determined to take care of myself (and my feline, Ava) through this ordeal. After two days of no power, the desire for a hot shower set me off on another path - to Sheepshead Bay - which was actually way worse off than Manhattan. Once in Brooklyn, away from the canned goods and familiarity of my home, getting through Sandy's aftermath called for a new approach. One that taught me some valuable and trivial things. They are as follows:

1. South Brooklyn (Gravesend, specifically) now has a fine selection of 24-hour bodegas that fulfill my fancy beverage needs.

2. Crazy drivers are everywhere, but are especially dangerous in an area where they can speed up enough to kill you.

3. Pets and trees need to be cared for the way babies are.

4. Always be kind. You never know when karma will come around. Or when you'll be the one in need of help. For some reason, after Sandy, I find myself more patient and polite to everyone.

5. Though doing things for yourself is imperative, having someone there for the simple act of comforting you can be as revelatory as food or heat.

Eyehategod on HBO

I've spent a disproportionate amount of time posting about Into Another this year. Which means I've spent less time posting about Eyehategod. So to remedy that a little, here's a clip some of you (like me) with only basic cable might've missed - Eyehategod's premium cable debut on HBO's Treme.

As a show based in New Orleans, the producers have long strived to infuse the production with as much local flavor as possible. So props on including both EHG and Goatwhore in various episodes.

Jimmy Bower was destined to become a star. Check it out: