Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My 10 Favorite ATP New York Moments

While I begin to wrap my brain around my first ATP New York experience enough to write about it in-depth, here's a quickie about the memories that stand out the most.

1. The ubiquity of Jim Jarmusch. He was everywhere: on line checking in, at the food court, chilling by the lake with his family.

2. Helen Money playing an electric cello—replete with effects pedals—in the hall lounge. The perfect thing to pass out to on one of Kutsher's many banquettes.

3. The marker smell outside of Tim Biskup's pop-up gallery and all the dirty (nsfw) karaoke posters it wrought.

4. The magic of Frankie Don. I hear he's moving on to the second stage next year.

5. Shellac live.

6. When Steve Albini got a special shout-out from the Breeders during their set, he happened to be standing next to me on the second tier. Only one other guy noticed. We looked at Albini, then each other, but neither of us addressed him. Dorks.

7. This recurring thought: "Did I really just watch Sleep play for two hours AFTER Iggy & the Stooges performed all of Raw Power?" Fuck yeah, I did.

8. Ron Jeremy was in the house to see Hope Sandoval. And he wore orange Crocs for the occasion.

9. Getting my body rocked by Altar, literally. The very definition of doom, this powerfully amplified set was not for the faint of heart.
Altar, Jesse Sykes solo.

10. Altar < GZA freestyling < dancing to Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" < Ron Jeremy photo op. In that order.

Lots more crappy snapshots here.

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