Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ugh, Hatebreed... Why?!!

Everyone knows that I'm a huge fan of good (or intentionally bad) cover songs. This is probably why hearing about Hatebreed's forthcoming covers album, For The Lions, wounded my soul just a little bit.

Sure, it's cool that Jamie Jasta (the Tony Robbins of metalcore) wears his influences on his sleeve, and he probably thinks he's doing bands like Judge, Black Flag, Negative Approach and D.R.I. a favor by increasing their awareness within Hatebreed's fan base of mouth-breathing mosh mongers. But he's really not. And seriously, just because they named themselves after the Misfits song doesn't mean they have to cover it.

After all, once a song goes through the Hatebreed monkey music grinder, it all pretty much sounds the same. I'm sure Metallica's "Escape" will sound just as br00tal as Sepultura's "Refuse/Resist," but not as good as Black Flag's "Thirsty & Miserable."

Want more proof that nothing good can come of For The Lions? Here is a teaser of Hatebreed butchering Slayer's "Ghosts of War." Oh, the monotone horror...

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