Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Dave Grohl

Dear Dave Grohl,

I'm writing because as I sit here organizing a list of 2010 album releases, I realize that Probot II isn't among them. So I'm thinking maybe you should get going on that now that you got Them Crooked Vultures out of the way.

Congratulations on its success, by the way. In particular, I enjoyed the way you sassed the media and your label by withholding music, plus you got to play with John Paul Jones! And sure, people are pretending to like it, but we both know Them Crooked Vultures is kind of trite. On the contrary, everyone loved Probot—and it's been almost six years since the first album came out.

I know you're busy. You've got your tour, the holidays are coming up fast and the Top Chef finale is a week away (will it be Kevin? The Voltaggio bros?), so I've decided to make it easy for you. Below you'll find a list of vocalists I think you should work with. Hell, I'll even project manage the thing if you promise to throw Ville Valo into the mix for a bonus track.

Anyway, give it some thought. You know how to reach me.

  1. Chuck Billy
  2. Rob Halford
  3. Bruce Dickinson*
  4. Down**
  5. Dave Mustaine
  6. Tomas Lindberg
  7. Hank Von Helvete
  8. Sean Harris (Diamond Head)
  9. Kyle Thomas (Exhorder)
  10. Glenn Danzig
  11. Mark "Barney" Greenway
  12. Dwid Hellion (Integrity)
  13. Robert Plant***
*If you can’t get him, you can always try for Eric Adams.
**Imagine all that Bower power on guitar with Anselmo and Pepper fighting for vocal duties.
***Just to keep John Paul Jones on his toes.

Photo lifted from MyChemicalToilet.