Monday, October 26, 2009

An Open Letter To Nathan Fillion

Dear Nathan,

We get it. You were once on a cult TV show called Firefly that some say was unjustly cancelled after only one season. But guess what? You bounced back. You’re on a fantastic new program called Castle that’s just been picked up for a full second season (and hopefully a third season is forthcoming, as well).

So it boggles my mind when you constantly hearken back to those days of yesteryear. Last night’s episode, "Vampire Weekend," with its gratuitous opening scene where you DRESSED LIKE YOUR OLD CHARACTER, was absolutely grating. Perhaps it’s because I was never a Firefly fan that I feel this way; but more importantly, by doing this you’re selling yourself short. The habitual shout-outs, Easter eggs and homages to Firefly are like the mass media equivalent of talking about some long-lost ex-girlfriend when you have a brand-new hottie on your arm.

Real talk: you are a handsome, charismatic slab of Canadian ham. Castle lets you explore your comedic timing, your depth of character by casting you as a family man, and a team player surrounded by a wonderful supporting cast (just ask Entertainment Weekly, who said as much in a recent issue). And let’s not underscore the sizzling chemistry you have with co-star, Stana Katic. Do you really think your demographic is limited to Firefly fanboys (or “Browncoats,” as it were)? You don’t see Susan Sullivan going on about her days on Falcon Crest, do you?

So please, Nathan, enough already. Do like your daughter on the show suggested and move on… However, should you ever decide to come over dressed like the sexy evil priest, Caleb, you played on that last season of Buffy, I’d keep it just between us.

Thanks, babe. Happy Halloween.




Jared said...

"Castle lets you explore your comedic timing, your depth of character by casting you as a family man, and a team player surrounded by a wonderful supporting cast"
Y'know he was on "Two Guys and a Girl" for two seasons doing comedy, surrounded by a wonderful cast, and playing the family man among the characters so this is not really new for him.

Anonymous said...

As you know, Z, Nathan is a funny guy. But you are right about it EXPLORING his comedic timing. Sorry Jared, but "2 Guys" was years ago. I assume Zena was talking current. He hasnt stretched those comedy legs in awhile.

Anyway...I actually never thought of it the way you put it in the post, Zena. But now...I kind of agree. I don't mind the little easter eggs but yeah, the whole costume was definitely pandering. Though I'm betting the line the daughter says was suggested by Fillion himself. He has a pretty good sense of humor about himself.

Heck, I may even mention this on the show tonight if that's cool with you. :)

Zena Metal said...

I seriously had no idea Nathan was on "Two Guys and A Girl," that seems to be another one of those sitcoms that's been forgotten. Not exactly a classic.

In fact, I think Fillion's talked more about his time in the soap opera scene.

Jared said...

Having watched "Two Guys and a Girl" again recently I can say that I liked it and it held up pretty well. Nathan Fillion is good in it. It may be forgotten but some of the best stuff is forgotten. Then again my taste isn't exactly mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Honest, I friggin watched firefly and even sat through the movie and I still didn't like it one bit.

I just don't buy this actor as a lead of anything...but so many others do, so what do i know.

when I see him on any show, I usually turn it off. really...he just rubs me the wrong way...

sometimes that happens. glad he is a nice guy and wish him a lot of luck.