Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet My New Man: Chris Hemsworth

Everyone's been making a big deal out of Star Trek's Chris Pine (who, by the way, is the son of C.H.i.P.s' very own Sgt. Joseph Getraer, Robert Pine), but my eyes—and loins—are too busy being captivated by the dude who played his dad in the movie, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth.

Even more amazing: according to reports, Chris will be playing Marvel Comics' Thor in the Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation set to hit theatres in 2011. Adding to this already heightened nerd cred, the 25-year-old will also be starring in the remake of Red Dawn, plus the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard-written horror flick, The Cabin in the Woods.

Problem is, I don't think I can wait that long to see him again. And since my birthday is coming up, I'm thinking Chris should just holler at me. First time is always free ;)

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