Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Slipper Room is Open For Metal

The Slipper Room circa 2006; photo stolen from Flickr user CocteauBoy
Everyone who visited the Slipper Room had a good time. When it opened in 1999, the Lower East Side lounge was on the forefront of the burlesque movement long before it became a "thing." Over the years, I attended some pretty ridiculous blowout birthday parties and private industry events there—not to mention one lesbian bachelorette party during which a striptease dancer performed a stunning interpretation of her infatuation with a Mr. Potatohead figure.

But it was really more than just burlesque; the Slipper Room also featured fringe comedy, all sorts of acts that could fit under the "variety" banner—with a fine overlap of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow demographic. It also didn't hurt that I was friendly with the bartenders and we shared close friends who I'd meet there often, so on any ol' Friday night, you could find me on Orchard St. drowning my frustrations in vodka sodas and pasties between puppet acts. Good goddamn times.

Those fond memories were muddled when I passed by the location recently (Slipper Room shut down in 2010) to find that the building had been demolished and a new structure built. That is until a press release came through my inbox announcing a new two-story Slipper Room space at the same address, promising to be one of the only prospective new venues for live music in Manhattan.

The part that really perked up my ears?

"The Slipper Room will feature a wildly diverse range of weekly and monthly acts, including four weekly variety shows produced by co-owner James Habacker with top performers from around the world, accompanied by a live band each night. The line-up will be bolstered by the expanded role of co-owner and music entrepreneur Peter Shapiro (Brooklyn Bowl, Wetlands, Capitol Theater), who will curate an exciting lineup of musical artists, from rockabilly to heavy metal."

No shows are currently listed on the Slipper Room's site, though it wouldn't be surprising if a few CMJ shows were booked there. And as excited as it was to read about an installation of new fly rigs for acrobats in the space—as well as a new sound system—I hope it doesn't automatically make all the drinks cost $15.

For more on the Slipper Room, hit up their site.

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