Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eyehategod Tuesday

Now that I've pried myself away from the latest Charlie Sheen meme, I'm settling in to start on one of my most dreaded tasks ever: transcribing. But it's all worthwhile, since it's for a feature on Eyehategod. Besides getting them a much-deserved full page in High Times, it presented an opportunity for me have a good long chat with frontman Michael Williams, someone I've admired ever since my internship at the pot mag at age 20.

I also used to stalk him from afar. OK, not really. During the '90s in NYC, there was a district flush with magazine publishers that stretched along Park Avenue South, from Union Square all the way through the lower 30s, and west to 5th Avenue. Through a piece of misdirected mail, I discovered that the iconic Metal Maniacs was directly across the street from HT, a mere three-minute walk away. This was during the classic Katherine Ludwig era, with Alicia Morgan and Williams rounding out the editorial staff. While I never saw the elusive Ludwig, I'd find myself running into Mike at the deli between 16th and 17th streets that once housed Max's Kansas City (all the while avoiding Source staffers who stuck out like sore thumbs with their giant diamond chains). And though I never had the balls to dork out on him while on line to pay for my salad bar plate, I'm almost certain at one point he shot a "the fuck you looking at?" look my way.

We've crossed paths at several of his shows since, but I still never got to ask him all the stuff I've always wanted to as a journalist and fangirl. And the interview went better than I could have imagined. So while I suck it up and transcribe, enjoy some Southern-style sludgecore on me.

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