Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Important Addendums

Shortly after compiling my final year-end lists, it came to my attention that there were some glaring omissions. Nowhere did I mention what might be the record I actually played the most last year—Iggy & The Stooges' Live at Richards, Atlanta, GA - October 1973.

Part of 2010's Legacy reissue of Raw Power, the live CD captures Iggy Pop & co. at their nihilistic best, taunting and titillating the audience through renditions of "Head On," "Open Up and Bleed," and "I Need Somebody." For anyone that couldn't be there the first time around, this is the next best thing. Seriously, go get it.

The other thing that I hadn't counted on during the winding day of 2010 was being blessed enough to see Prince play twice at Madison Square Garden. A master of R&B, funk, pop and rock—not to mention being a phenomenal guitar player—Prince put on an incredible show on a center-in-the-round stage shaped like the famous glyph he once adopted as his name. Kicking off the first performance with "Baby I'm a Star" and continuing on with classics like "The Beautiful Ones," "Let's Go Grazy/Delirious," plus an intense version of "Nothing Compares 2 U," Prince put on an energetic performance that should be the standard for all live shows.

But I really lost my shit when special guest Sheila E. came up through a platform in the center of the stage—with her standing drum kit in tow—to plow through '80s club hit, "Glamorous Life." Immediately after, she attacked her instrument for the hottest solo I've ever seen by a woman in a weave and an embroidered bustier.  Next, Prince tore through "1999," "Purple Rain" and "Kiss," but no "When Doves Cry."

It was during the encore that the most surreal thing happened: The diminutive wonder called up all the famous black people in the crowd (these included Sheri Shepherd, Spike Lee, Sinbad, Naomi Campbell, John Leguizamo, Alicia Keys, Dr. Cornell West and Whoopi Goldberg) for the last song of the night, "A Love Bazaar," again featuring original vocalist Sheila E. Incredible.

When I went back to the Garden for my second dose in 11 days, I certainly expected a different set list, which I got, but I was also hoping for a second helping of Sheila. No dice. Instead, we were treated to a piano slow-jam version of "I Wanna Be Your Lover," plus a stripped "Little Red Corvette," "Cream," and "Raspberry Beret." For the encore, he closed out the show with "Jungle Love" with guest screams by one Cyndi Lauper (which, oddly, brought me back to an issue of MAD magazine I owned when I was 9).

There's one more show at the Garden in a few weeks, and if I'm lucky enough to score tickets, you know I'll be there. Wearing sequins.

See some of my iPhone pics of the show here.

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