Monday, November 8, 2010

RZA Remixes Black Tusk

There's just something about subversion that really gets me going—especially when it's on a corporate dime like Nike's. So news that Wu-Tang Clan's beloved RZA remixed Savannah, GA's dirtbag metallers Black Tusk was certainly intriguing, even if it did take a few minutes to wrap my brain around.

The collaboration was created as a soundtrack for the RZA vs. Nike 6.0 video series (in this case, it's RZA's vignette with BMX pro Garrett Reynolds) and features "The Takeoff" from Black Tusk's Relapse Records debut, Taste the Sin. And the sound? Pretty tasty and still thoroughly metal.

Wanna see? Check it out below. Better yet, download the song from the fine people at Nike.

Now if we can only get that Cash Money x Eyehategod collabo going...

And if you act now, you can also get this clip from RZA's legit horrorcore supergroup, Gravediggaz, for FREE.

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