Thursday, July 9, 2009

Malevolent Creation Guitarist Liar, Possible Crackhead

Earlier this week, a story started making the rounds on the Internet about how Malevolent Creation guitarist Phil Fasciana supposedly intervened during a convenient store robbery and saved the day by shooting the would-be assailant in the face with his own gun. All of this information, plus way more details, was sent via email to, which chose to run the story.

Here's the first problem: none of it ever happened. The second? No one at Blabbermouth bothered verifying the events.

Even if the folks at Blabbermouth were tight enough with this Malevolent dude (btw: I've never listened to the band, but can tell they're death metal awfulness) to take the story at face value, there are definitely enough red flags in it to realize something was amiss. My biggest clue: that the "80-lb. crackhead" actually had two weapons. If you were a crackhead, which would you prefer: two guns or more crack? I know I'd go for the latter.

A British outlet called Rock Radio finally called Ft. Lauderdale police (of course it happened in Florida, where else?) who confirmed that none of this ever took place. They also stated that the last time local police encountered Fasciana, it was over a domestic dispute at his home in April.

Why did he lie? Was he trying to garner attention for MC's forthcoming tour? Was Fasciana trying to impose a new uber-brutal image straight out of the gangsta rappers' manifesto? Who know? And ultimately, who the fuck cares? He's in Malevolent Creation.

The bottom line is, this entire situation illustrates the difference between "blogging" and "journalism." Amen.

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noyokono said...

Blabbermouth just vomits press releases all day. It's not even the CNN Headline News of metal.