Monday, February 9, 2009

New York Comic Con '09

Normally, I'd be all over New York Comic Con. But with one of my best friend's wedding falling on Saturday, my participation in the con and all the partying associated with it was sadly kept to a minimum. In the end, though, it was all worth it. Dannielle and David's wedding was a lovely affair and went off without a hitch—and it even had a few comics-related moments of its own.

For one thing, the ceremony and reception were held on West 37th Street, a short distance from the convention. As I exited the cab, I had to chuckle when spotting some light saber-weilding Jedi neophytes migrating east. Then during the cocktail hour, I was surprised to see the groom's cousin, comic book artist Judd Winick (yes, that was him on Real World: San Francisco), was also in attendance. What can I say? The nerd cred just materializes.

Though I'm sure I missed the best costumes and attractions on display at the NYCC on Saturday, I was still happy to bask in my comic book and Japanese toy obsessions on Sunday. As usual, it was great to gossip with friends in the business, see the latest movie trailers and people-watch. (For the full photo gallery, click HERE.)

And for those of you who are more word-oriented, here's a detailed recap of the trends and cultural anthropology that caught my eye as I made my way across the Jacob Javitz Center floor.

With the lawsuit settled and a firm March 6 release date in place, the biggest buzz at the convention was the forthcoming Watchmen movie. A panel and preview of the film was held before a capacity crowd, and people lined up for four hours in advance of artist Dave Gibbons' autograph signing. Bright yellow promotional items, deluxe-edition graphic novels, action figures, props and costumed conventioneers were everywhere.

How cool is this giant chalk drawing?

Chalk Watchmen

This look goes way beyond standard fanboy behavior—especially since most of the guys who dress up in tight, shiny costumes generally don't have the bodies to fit them. Trust me, seeing The Flash coming was a lot more painful than seeing him going. No homo.

As for the ladies, there were many a Baroness in the house... to various degrees of success [see below].

The Back View is Waaaay Better

I suppose the family that dorks out together, stay together—but the least they could do was pick a unifying theme and stick with it.

Nuclear Family

...Just like these guys! Blue is a theme, right?

Post-Nuclear Family

FYI: The foam toilet seat cover around the girl's neck is a promo item for the full-length film version of the defunct Showtime series, Dead Like Me. Apparently its an obscure reference to a death scene in the pilot.

All weekend, the talk of the NYCC was about which NY-based celebs were seen perusing the aisles and making unlikely appearances. Everyone from Jon Stewart to Method Man were reported to be in the building. Shit, even the Mastodon dudes were spotted taking light saber lessons on Friday.

The only celeb I spotted was 30 Rock's Scott Adsit. Not too shabby!

30 Rock's Scott Adsit

Though I was too antsy to stand on line for a 15-minute demo of the Wolverine video game to get the bonus giant foam clawed hand that came with it, I made sure to get my hands on a Wonder Woman tiara from the DC booth (thanks, Vince!). Exhibitors resorted to all sorts of interactive stunts to grab the attention of the sold-out crowd, including Cinemax, who provided hyperbaric chambers in which anyone 18 or older could watch scenes from their softcore porn/medical series, Forbidden Science.

Skinemax's Softcore Porn Booths

Though I'm balling on a budget these days, I couldn't resist picking up a mini blind-pack Kid Robot toy from their line with Portland artist Ryan Bubnis, Heroes and Heartbreakers. Appropriately enough, I got Lil Franky. I also picked up a Things That Hurt zipper pull (and got a money bag! Hopefully a good omen).

Lil Franky

That's the wrap for '09. According to Reed, the company that runs the New York Comic Con, next year's festivities will be pushed back until October 2010. Will we be buzzing about the Preacher flick?

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