Monday, August 11, 2008


First thought: "This is pretty damn cool."

Second thought: "I wish I had mushrooms."

This was my reaction to Friday night's 88boadrum event in Brooklyn. The masterwork of Boredoms' Eye, the composition was played live by Gang Gang Dance—plus 88 drummers of both sexes—in celebration of 8/08/08, and as a sequel to last year's 777 concert held in Dumbo Park.

Sure, some of the folks who'd witnessed last year's performance complained that this year's opus lacked the cacophonous aggression of '07's violent percussiveness—not to mention the fact that the Boredoms were actually here last year—while this time, they chose to lead the West Coast version at Los Angeles' La Brea Tar Pits. But that's just nitpicking from a bunch of jaded haters.

The 88boadrum piece was ethereal, psychedlic and seemingly influenced by the quieter parts of Neurosis' last record. And then there was the light show. That's the real reason I wish I was under my own psilocybin influence. Part rave and part roving eye, the lights changed with every percussive nuance, highlighting every tempo change and orchestral movement. Combined with the good vibes and the gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline (not to mention the free T-shirts and ice cream), 88Boadrum is a happy example of left-field public art.

I wonder if there's anything planned for next year. Either way, I'll probably be holding. For more pics, click HERE.

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nehoccramcire said...

no, it's not because I'm a jaded hater that I had such a low opinion of this event; it's because, while all those drummers (I was one) poured all their energy into it, gang gang dance brought very very little to the table...mushrooms would've helped; so would a little more creative energy from gang gang dance...