Thursday, July 10, 2008

At The Gates: Live In NYC - Review

At The Gates

I don't even know why I bothered showering and changing into a dress. Everyone pretty much assumed At The Gates’ first U.S. show this millennium would be a packed, sweaty affair. But neither those folks (like me) who'd experienced their magic before—nor the younger acolytes who know them primarily for their watershed record, Slaughter Of The Soul—expected such a tight first-night performance. Then again, it's not like the five original members have been idle since disbanding in 1996. End result: This was no reunion show, this was a motherfucking powerhouse.

Starting predictably—albeit appropriately—with "Slaughter Of The Soul," lead singer Tomas Lindberg had the crowd at "Go!," and the sold-out audience was soon singing along with the title track's every word. This was followed by a blistering, heavy-handed helping of Soul-shattering songs like "Cold," "Under A Serpent Sun," "Suicide Nation," and anchored by cult faves "Raped By The Light Of Christ," "All Life Ends" and "The Beautiful Wound," that sounded as good—if not better—than they did the first time around.

The thrash metal frenzy only intensified the stifling heat inside the venue and pretty soon it was hard to maintain any kind of composure. By the time ATG launched into the encore, "Blinded By Fear," the crowd was more spent than the legends onstage.

I couldn't even listen to music on the way home. No point. My ears and the rest of my drenched body felt like they were in a post-coital state: sweaty, satisfied and ultimately ready to do it again in a few more hours.

Thanks to Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta for hooking me up at the 11th hour and for the stellar set.

PS: My pic made Brooklyn Vegan. Thanks for the head's up, McNicholas!

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